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ABSR Community Foundation

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Web Cam is no longer available
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      ABSR Events for 2020
Winterfest Feb 22
Speaker Series TBD Easter Egg Hunt Canceled
Spring Cleanup & May 2
      Town Cook Out 
Memorial Day Coffee May 25
Garden & Art Walk June 6
Necktie 5K & Walk June 20
Summerfest July 25
ABSR Annual                  Sept 12
Halloween                      Oct 24
Holiday Hop Dec TBD
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ABSR Mailing Address:
PO Box 458
Beverly Shores, IN 46301-0458
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2020 Sand Tracks Editors:
Dec (2019) Dean Conrad
Jan Bob Stanley
Feb Bob Stanley
Mar         Dean Conrad
Apr          Donna Excell-Steffel
May Marvin Makinen
June  Dean Conrad
July Donna Excell-Steffel
Aug Dean Conrad
Sept  Bob Stanley
Oct Donna Excell-Steffel
Nov          Marvin Makinen
Dec          Dean Conrad
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HomeABSR Community Foundation Supporters

ABSR Community Foundation
Supporters of Fund For Our Future 2016-2019

Sandhill Crane (Gifts of $5,000 or more):

Association of Beverly Shores Residents (ABSR)

ABSR Community Foundation (In memory of Janet Cypra)

The Beverly Shores Depot Museum and Art Gallery

The Dunes Woman's Club

Environmental Restoration Group (ERG)

Mary K. and Howard P. Marvel

Police Action League (PAL)
Meredith and Mark Weber


Great Blue Heron (Gifts of $1,000 to $4,999):

Doug and Sue Ashby 
Arlene Beglin

John Blackburn and Bill Gilmer
Joy and Ed Bracken
Daniel Casey and Dolores Connolly
Jackie and Dean Conrad
Nancy Corrie and Paul Kleinaitis
Kristine Fallon and Jeffrey Sweeney
First State Bank of Porter
Michael Ganz
Kristen and David Jacobucci
Jannsen's Dunes Mart (Beth and John Jannsen)
Julie and Vytas Kasniunas 

Carol Kilrea and Bill May

Ed Kleese and Kathy Fisher

Susan Loeb and Larry Stanton

Carmen Lonstein

Greg Lyman and Margaret Williford

Margaret and Terry McKenna

Leslie Breed McLean and David Phelps

Paddy McNamara
Angela Maurello

Adrianne and Chris May

Nancy and Dale Nichols
Craig and Carol Nordstrom
Brian and Theresa O'Neil
Daniel and Elizabeth Reidy
Rolling Stonebaker (Andrea Georgion)
Carol Ruzic
Jeffrey Singer and Patricia Carman
Joan Solbeck
John and Elizabeth Thornburg
Wagner's Ribs (Linda and Dave Wagner)
Dennis and Mary Wolter

Annette and Robert Young

Paul and Susan Haerr Zucker

Great Egret (Gifts of $500 to $999):

Anonymous (1)
Debbie and Tom Abrahamson
Geoff Bevington and Lisa Sallwasser
Rita Dagys

Roland Dehne
Mimi and Bud Frankel
Hammer, Inc. (Ken Larson)

Paul Levy
Sam Olins

Karen Otto and Jim Vance

Beth and Dominic Polizzotto
Naomi Pollock and David Sneider
Lori and Larry Rubin

Bill and Lorene Schaudt
Nancy and Steven Schwab

John and Mary Kay Swanson

Arnold Tatar, M.D., and Marina Tatar

Linda Wagner


Red-Tailed Hawk (Gifts of $250 to $499):

Rosemary and Alan Bell
Richard and Ellen Benya

Joyce Drake
George Grcevich
Laura and John Hennessey
Daryl and Peggy Hoist

Barb and Hans Lagoni
MJ Loftus
Marcia and Richard Metzcus

Betty and Ron Menna

Susan and Peter Neale

Bobbi and Jim Petru
Monique and Pete Rub

Jean Rudd and Lionel Bolin
Yolanda and Richard Saul

Lynn and Dennis Schermer
Sherry Schlickman
Mary and Gerry Skoning

Jeffrey Slutsky and John Spitzig

Heidi Sowa

Joan, Frank, and William Stuart

Audrey Tatar and Michael Bresler
Suzy Vance and Tim Griffin
Charles and Carolyn Weinberg


Blue-Winged Teal (Gifts of $100 to $249):

Anonymous (1)
Danguole Bartkus
James and Valerie Beglin           

Geof Benson and Mary Fulghum

Barbara Boris

Grace Budrys and Dan Lortie

Bill and Mary Carstedt
Nancy Cassidy

Mary Stanton Corrigan and Jim Corrigan

Joan Crepeau

Rosemary Crowley

Carol Dickerman
Elizabeth and John Doherty
Dan Dressner
Robert Edger & Gunnbjorg Lavoll
Theresa and Paul Flerick

Troy Ford and Morris McKnight

Toots and Bill Foy

Barbara and John Freely

Carol Gallagher 
Vladimir and Sorana Ganz 

Rosemary Gemperle and Larry Jensen

Constance Goldberg
Sharon Green

Adelaide Herman
Jim and Mary Ann Hoey

Donna and Carl Hofmann
Ausra and Nerijus Kalesinskas 

Loretta Kasparas

Curt Kendall and Jason Kasal

Tricia Koning-Llewellyn and John Llewellyn

Julie and John Loftus

Lynn and Harvey Lyon
Annaliese and Brian McSweeney

Judith Melevage

Patricia and David Mounce

Shelley and Neal Mulconrey
Terrence and Mary Murphy
Rondi and Mark Needler
Diana Noreika
Donna and Bud Ogle
Gail Pfleeger

Rosamond Potter
Anat and Guy Rowley

David Ruttenberg

Esther Saks
Schuller Family

Maureen and Kevin Shick
Bob and Jane Stanley
Ruth and Brad Steinberg

Nancy M. Stoltz

Ruta and Dan Sula

Michael Susman

Ada Sutkus

Sharon and William Theobald
Thomas Thorne-Thomsen

Barbara and Richard Vanecko
Michael and Julie Wendling
Doug and Marta Wolfe

Ausra and Karl Zarins


Kingfisher (Gifts up to $99):

Alice and Charles Connor
Dunes Shore Inn (Fred Braun)

Mary Jane and Donald Eisenhauer

Elizabeth and Terry Gassoway

Herbert George

Martin Guy
Eileen and Marc Heisler

Jim Klora

Amy Little and James Ravenscroft

Pam and Pat Mayers
Donna B Persico

John Pressley

Lynn Przybylinski
and Brian Quealy

Ramune Rackauskas

Deborah Ramstorf and Ray Szarmach
Patti Sullivan

Gifts in Memory, Honor, and Recognition of:
In memory of Janet Cypra (by ABSR Community Foundation)
In honor of Arlene Beglin (by Mary and Gerry Skoning)
In honor of Robert Beglin (by Kristen and David Jacobucci)
In memory of Bob Olins (by Sam Olins)
In gratitude of Louis M Stein (by Dan Dressner)
In recognition of The Town Center Working Group (Anonymous)
In memory of Terrence Murphy (by Joyce Drake)
In honor of Rosemaries Gemperle & Crowley 150th! (by Mary and Bill Carstedt)
In memory of Vincent A. Persico (by Donna B Persico)
In memory of Wrigley Marvel (by Heidi Sowa)

Gifts in Honor of Curt Kendall for Championing 10 Successful Necktie 5K Run and Walks, and Just Great Volunteerism:
John Blackburn and Bill Gilmer
Rita Dagys
Laura and Jay Hennessey
Ed Kleese and Kathy Fischer
Terry and Margaret McKenna
Leslie Breed McLean and David Phelps
Howard abd Mary Marvel
Chris and Adrianne May
Bobbi and Jim Petru
Susan and Larry Stanton
Annette and Robert Young
Gifts in Honor of Marshal Susan Resteau for the Phase 3 Storage Building:
Geof Benson
John Blackburn and Bill Gilmer
Howard and Mary Marvel
Terrence and Judy Murphy
Sam Olins
Heidi Sowa
Many thanks to our generous supporters!


Mimi and Bud Frankel